About Us

Founded in 1986, Sterling Property Management, Inc., has been serving owners of apartment properties in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties for over thirty-five years. During that time Sterling Property Management, Inc. has managed nearly three hundred properties consisting of approximately three thousand units, varying in size from as small as a duplex to as large as over one hundred units per location. While the vast majority of our management efforts have been directed to apartment management, our experience also encompasses some commercial/retail locations.   Our experience also encompasses managing various ownership entities including individuals, partnerships, tenant-in-common groups, and LLCs.

The staff members of Sterling Property Management, Inc. possess collective expertise of over one hundred thirty-five years of experience in the professional property management field.  Possessing a background in real estate sales as well, Sterling’s staff members are acutely aware of the market in which we operate. Having been in business for over thirty-five years, we have experienced a wide swing in market conditions and have developed the acuity to understand and adjust to the dynamics of ever-changing operating conditions.

It is incumbent upon us to remain vigilant about analyzing the direction rental markets may be heading and adapt accordingly.

The mainstay of our company has always been the desirability of property management without the stress and uncertainty of “going it alone”. Most of our clients desire to work, travel, recreate, enjoy family, etc. without the constant interruption of site management. Our services are comprehensive in nature including the hiring of any on-site personnel, the oversight of this personnel, the orchestration and oversight of property maintenance and improvements/upgrades, dealing with tenant relation matters, collection of all rental income, interface with all owners regarding various matters and distribution of all report materials and owner disbursements on a monthly basis. The method of reporting is through a spreadsheet format which gives the client a “snapshot” of operations for the entire year. The supporting information can include but is not limited to, rent rolls, collection reports, general ledgers, bank reconciliations, and copies of actually paid bills. In addition, and uncommon in the industry, each of our clients receives an explanation report clarifying top line collections and various expenditures each month. It is our philosophy that the more informed you are, the more comfortable you will be.

Mission Statement

To provide the most thoughtful, discerning and innovative property management service possible. We are dedicated not only to preserving your asset through attentive management techniques, but also to enhancing the value of your property through efficient and proactive implementation of effective management strategies.

Your total satisfaction is our commitment to you!

Hal Pappano


Bill Moore