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Quote Fees

Quote Fees

Sterling’s fee structure for property management services is very simple and straightforward. Our fee is simply a percentage of collected income from operations of an income property. This fee will vary based on the property size, location, and perhaps other factors. The actual fee for the professional management of your property can be easily determined after an analysis of your property’s specific situation.

Many of our clients have found that after a short period of time their management fee was being completely covered through a combination of increased income and more efficient operations. In fact, in many cases, the owner has found that not only has the fee been covered, but also that their net cash flow has increased due to these same factors. Now the owner is free to enjoy life and maybe actually realizing more cash flow than when they managed the property themselves, or in the case of an owner changing management companies, their cash flow increases through just plain better execution of fundamental management practices by a superior management company.

Call us today for an evaluation of your property’s operations so we can quickly quote the most affordable fee. We have found that not only are our fees very competitive within the industry but that we provide such a superior service that our fee could arguably be considered a bargain when taking the benefits into account.

Your total satisfaction is our commitment to you!